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You'd better take a deep breath!!!

Cause now WE as the most joyful cheerful OC FUN Team NatCo 2005
ready to announce our cool PARTIES!

  1. First Party is still 'work in progress' - kind of surprise for our dear delegates :)
  2. Cinema Party (Celebrities are welcome)

Have you ever met fuckers??? Are you finally Ready to kill this Bill?  Hey Boy, hey Girl! It's time to be BRANDED as the Great Alexander was: think pink? NO, just be joyful as Orange and Blue are!

Brigit Jones' Diary


Weight: 115 pounds

Growth: 5 feet 7 inches

Pure grease: 20%

AIESECERs are really great! They 've invited me to their Party! was excellent, NO fucking  excellent! Oh, Jesus, I've met the greatest man I've ever seen and felt, taught: (Length: 10 inches:a little bit green but still ) His name was:Shrek;-)

  1. TV + Radio party

Are you still washing your dirty dishes or meet Akkalla Pukkala?
Think you are developing yourself in 4 dimensions through watching the Talk-show?
No, but You can do it creating your own! Be ready :-)

  1. Global Villaaribo  and Global  Villabagio

WE adjusted not to drink to much in a common way. Enough! Let's be gentle and drink much in a wise way. Think it's boring?

It's up to you!

We prepared surprise for the best culture of drinking!

More info about 'WHAT you need' for the Party coming soon!

Keep watching. Stay ONLINE!