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AIESEC For Students

Do you feel like doing something concrete while you are studying for your master's degree? Do you want to put your skills, knowledge, and ideas into practise? Want to work abroad? You could learn about wide variety of different things by participating or by organizing our many events locally, nationally, or even internationally. Maybe you are interested in marketing and would like to pick up some sales and negotiating skills? You would get to know the local corporations and their representatives personally while promoting our product: The international trainee exchange.

Besides learning and doing things, AIESEC is about people. In AIESEC you are going to meet, work and have fun with many people from around the country and the world. This enables you to better understand and appreciate all the different kinds of people and differrent cultures and in our global village. And who knows, you might learn something about yourself too.

Galina Klimeshova  
(Vice President Outgoing Exchange AIESEC SPUEF)

For more information contact our vice president.

Tel: +7 812 110 56 40
Email: g_klimeshova(at)