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  Basic information about Russian FederationTake a look at the general information about our great city!This information will help you in your every-day life in such specific country like Russia!Here you will find basic information about AIESEC Local Committee which is going to host you!   

Russian Alphabet

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PrintedName of letterPronunciation
A aahlike a in father
behlike b in box
vehlike v in voice
gehlike g in get
dehlike d in day
yehlike ye in yet
yolyolike yo in your
zhelike s in pleasure
zelike z in zoo
eeLike ee in need
ee kratkoyenot pronounced - but like y in boy
kehlike k in key
ellike I in love
emlike m in men
enlike n in nose
olike o in not
pehlike p in put
erlike r in arrow
sehlike s in miss
tehlike t in take
oolike oo in pool
eflike f in fat
khalike kh in khan
tselike ts in its
chalike ch in chance
shelike sh in ship
shchelike shch in fresh cheese
tvyordy znak (hard sign)not pronounced
eiheih in the throat or approximates i in bit, still
myaki znak (soft sign)not pronounced
ehlike e in end
youlike u in use
yalike ya in yard

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Before you go to Russia, do yourself a favour and learn Russian letters. It will be a big help when shopping and reading signs in the street, airport etc. Also notice that the way of shopping in Russia is quite different from other places. In many shops the process is as follows: Find out the price of the product you are going to buy. Go to the cash register and pay the price. You will get a receipt. Take the receipt to the counter, where you will get your product. Even though many things have happened in Russia since communism and it 's changed very much. I like to stay here and you will enjoy it too.