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  Basic information about Russian FederationTake a look at the general information about our great city!This information will help you in your every-day life in such specific country like Russia!Here you will find basic information about AIESEC Local Committee which is going to host you!   


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Russia has a universal system of free education and a literacy rate of 99%. Compulsory education ends at the age of 16, although 96% of the population completes some form of further education. Competition for places in universities and other prestigious academic institutions is stiff. About 12% of the workforce have some form of higher education. The quality of Russian teaching in scientific and quantitative subjects tends to be higher than in many western countries, while that in social sciences is showing strong signs of adapting to the new environment in Russia.
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  Bryony Dunlop, New Zealand:

... After only 2 weeks I already have many good friends and I want to stay here for much longer than 7 weeks. I love Russian food and the parties are good too! I even enjoy my job very much! I teach English and it is very interesting. If you are here you will not regret it! The place and the people are beautiful!..