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  Basic information about Russian FederationTake a look at the general information about our great city!This information will help you in your every-day life in such specific country like Russia!Here you will find basic information about AIESEC Local Committee which is going to host you!   


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There is a great variety of cinemas in Saint-Petersburg. But it is important to notice that those of high quality (modern digital cinemas) can be found only in he center of the city. So we strongly recommend to visit them even though prices for the tickets are twice (or in some cases even more) higher. The best cinemas are:
  • Aurora (Nevsky prospect, 60; tel.:315-52-54)
  • Barrikada (Nevsky prospect, 15 tel.: 312-53-86)
  • Crystal-Palace (Nevsky prospect. 72; tel.: 272-23-82)
In the cinema Parisiana (Nevsky prospect, 80) festivals of national films are arranged rather frequently - series of German, English, Spanish, French, Japanese and other films are shown at low price to the broad audience. So you can call at the tel.: 273-48-13 and get all the needed information.
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   Daniela Vella, Malta:

Four months or so after my traineeship, i haven't recovered completely... in fact i'm now working with a student and youth travel organisation and I work specifically on projects for maltese youths to go work and travel abroad.Yes, a bit like AIESEC. It an environment which reminds me of my traineeship... encouraging young people to take the plunge and grasp new opportunities..."its better to regret something you've done than something haven't done" this is the slogan of one of our marketing campaigns.