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General Information

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Location/ Territory

Saint Petersburg is located at the mouth of the Neva River, and across the islands of its delta on the coast of the Finnish Gulf of the Baltic Sea. Its nearest suburbs are situated on the lowland adjacent of the Neva River and along the Gulf. In spite of the general lowland nature of the site, the relief of the suburbs shows diversity. Izhora eminence is to the South of the city, and hilly Karelia Isthmus with Vuoksa lake land is located to the North.
From May 25-26 and till July 16-17 you can enjoy magnificent White Nightson the bank of the Neva River, that lasts over 50 days. June 21-22 are the longest days (18 hours 53 minutes). The sun hardly hides behind the horizon, and you can not find even the brightest stars in the night sky.
The city is situated on 60 of the northern latitude that passes roughly across the South of Alaska and Greenland. Stockholm, Oslo, and Helsinki can boast of being at the same latitude. Warm Gulfstream seriously influences all these cities. There are no large cities at this latitude, as well as the latitudes close to it in the Western Hemisphere. Pulkovo Meridian (31 eastern longitude) passes throughout as well as through Istanbul, but none of these cities can be compared to Saint Petersburg in climate or nature.
As of 1993 the territory of the city is 606 square kilometres, and 1 439 square kilometers with the suburbs. The length of the city from North to south is 44 kilometers, and 25 kilometers from West to East.
According to the last census that took place in 1997, there are 4 780 000 peoplein Saint Petersburg
Climate/ Weather

Maritime bordering on continental, mild and humid, cloudy, often misty, with a lot rain.
January temperatures average -8C (17F); a really cold day will get down to -15C (5F). It's a windy city though and in some areas the wind chill is quite fierce, so bring a gng a good warm hat and scarf. Summer is cool and takes a while to get going: snow in late April is not uncommon and the warm weather doesn't really start until the period between June and August, when temperatures reach 20C (68F).

Time Zones

Saint Petersburg is situated in the Moscow time zone. The summer Moscow time (MST) = Greenwich time (GMT) + 4 hours. Winter Moscow time (MST) = Greenwich time (GMT) + 3 hours. Change to summer time is the last Saturday of March, change to winter time is the last Saturday of September.


4 780 000 people (according to the 1997 census)

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