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  Basic information about Russian FederationTake a look at the general information about our great city!This information will help you in your every-day life in such specific country like Russia!Here you will find basic information about AIESEC Local Committee which is going to host you!   

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It is very interesting to tell you about the geography of Russia. But we shall note only some peculiarities. First of all we'd like to emphasize on extensive territory (17,1 million km2). The large distance from west to east and from north to south brings in large variety of natural conditions and resources. Russia has the whole spectrum of climatic zones from subtropical up to arctic on its territory. But don't be afraid of the frosts you see, it's the reason of strong health of many people living in this territory, so, if you want to have a Siberian health, come here and get "healed" for free. Though it's not usual for the whole territory. For example, the temperature in Novosibirsk varies from less than -30 C0 in winter to +30-35 C0 in summer. Lots of inhabitants of that city are rescued from the heat at the European part of Russia, such cities for example as Chelyabinsk, Ekaterinburg, Samara, Saint Petersburg and Moscow. In summer it is very sunny, but at the expense of greater humidity a climate in general much softer. If you're a fan of various shows and sharp sensations, we invite you to Russia. Spirit grasps from beauty of Ural and Altay Mountains. The Ural Mountains by a natural image divide territory of Russia on western and east part. These mountains have concentrated a huge reserve of iron ores and precious metals, which are actively used hence XYIII century. Altay Mountains sometimes called "the Siberian Alps" are not less known worldwide as that famous mountain region. Moreover Russia is extremely rich with water and wood resources. For example, Baikal Lake contains 1/5 stock of whole fresh water in the world and it's area is more then territory of Belgium. Nature of Russia holds in itself much more than you can imagine, but like it's spoken "it's better to see once than to hear hundred times". And consequently we call you on: "Welcome to Russia"
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Laura Soler,

 "At the beginning, I was more keen on a traineeship in a developed country, where I could improve my foreign language skills, with a similar culture to mine, and where I could learn from my job. The Russian reality was quite different and although it might seem terrible to be unable of saying the word to people who can only speak Russian. I would never change this experience, which wasn't fantastic and wonderful all the time, but neither it was something different, new, surprising, curious, "real", one of the occasions I fell sorry of not having taken maximum advantage of, because it is so interesting to discover something unknown or that you imagined somehow different!., and I was there, on the streets of Moscow on the 19th August 1991, witnessing the end of the largest country in the world, the USSR"