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  Basic information about Russian FederationTake a look at the general information about our great city!This information will help you in your every-day life in such specific country like Russia!Here you will find basic information about AIESEC Local Committee which is going to host you!   


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Russian is the official language in the country, and it was also the main language of the Soviet Union. Russian uses the Cyrillic alphabet, which consists of 33 letters, many of them unlike any letter in the Roman (Latin) alphabet. The country is made up of 81 percent Russians, but the majority of other citizens also speak Russian the most widely spoken foreign languages are English and German, followed to a lesser extent by French and Spanish. Do not assume that local people will be able to understand English or your own native language. Knowledge of foreign languages can be restricted and you will certainly need the help of interpreters if you are not a Russian speaker. Practically all signs and street names are in Russian. You are therefore advised to learn the Russian alphabet and some basic phrases to help you with everyday life. If you speak Russian, even a little, it will make a significant difference to your life and work in the country.

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Cyrillic alphabet & lexical minimum.
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Stella Reckweg,

 "Nevertheless it was a great experience for me to get to know Russia, its kind and warmhearted people. I realized, that an operation on the Russian market is not very easy, neither for foreign nor for Russian companies. I saw that Russia is not a country out of space but a country very close to the rest of Europe where it is by all means possible to live and which is definitely worth visiting. I will miss the people very much and this was certainly not my one and only trip to Russia."