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  Basic information about Russian FederationTake a look at the general information about our great city!This information will help you in your every-day life in such specific country like Russia!Here you will find basic information about AIESEC Local Committee which is going to host you!   

LC information

Let me introduce you our LC. As you know our LC is situated in Saint Petersburg. And exactly in the University of Economics and Finance. You should remember it, because we have two LCs in Saint Petersburg. Another one in the University for Engineering Economics.

Our LC exist already more than ten years - it's quite old for Russia, because AIESEC in Russia (ex-USSR) exist also only about 10 years.

LC contact information:
Address: Moskatelny pereulok 4, room 96, Saint Petersburg
Tel./ Fax: +7 (812) 310 3008
URL: and
Pager: +7 (812) 310 3008 #1074 (Grigori), #0333 (Stella), #0222 (Tonia)

LC members:
At the moment our LC consist of about 20 people.
Here we are - the most active members:

Executive Board:

StellaStella Vasilieva - Local Committee President
In AIESEC from October 1998...
Hobbies & Interests: web design, books about web design & marketing, Internet, travelling (especially hitch-hiking)
The greatest news: she is a member of International Congress 2001 Congress Committee!
Tonia Bondareva - Vice President Incoming Exchange
Joined AIESEC autumn 1999...
Tonia likes lots of things: photography, hitch-hiking etc...
Summer Plans: together with Stella a trip across Europe, of course hitch-hiking!
JuliaJulia Voitekute - Vice President Ougoing Exchange
Joined AIESEC like Tonia in autumn 1999...
Julia is originally from Lithuania! So we have lots of international spirit in our LC ;-)
Katia Ushakova - Finance Director
Also joined AIESEC autumn 1999...
Katia is not only Finance Director, but also our LC Newspaper creator. The most popular hobby of Katia is writing gossips... So attention with everything you do or say! ;-)
Future plans: Katia is leaving us this fall: she is going to Germany to study there for one year!

OlyaOlya Tikhonova - Incoming Marketing Coordinator
Olya is in AIESEC from the fall 2000!
Olya's nickname is Yuri. If you would like to know why, you'd better ask herself... ;-)
Nastya Motuz - Incoming Servicing & Learning Coordinator
Also joined AIESEC autumn 2000...
Nastya is very busy now: our next trainee is coming in the middle of June, so everything should be prepared!


Outgoing Exchange Team:
Tonya Telepina
Anna Kiseleva

Masha Koksharova
Incoming Marketing Team:
Grigori Rassolenko
Alexander Kosobokov
Iana Charushkina
Volodya Sarnatsky
Ilya Baranov
Max Zakharov
Incoming Servicing & Learning Team:
Masha Khoroshevskaya
Ira Yakovleva
Sasha Rotov
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  Bryony Dunlop, New Zealand:

... After only 2 weeks I already have many good friends and I want to stay here for much longer than 7 weeks. I love Russian food and the parties are good too! I even enjoy my job very much! I teach English and it is very interesting. If you are here you will not regret it! The place and the people are beautiful!..