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  Basic information about Russian FederationTake a look at the general information about our great city!This information will help you in your every-day life in such specific country like Russia!Here you will find basic information about AIESEC Local Committee which is going to host you!   

Mass Media

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The market of mass media in Saint-Petersburg is developing very dynamically and can be compared with the one in other European cities. Quite all services are easy in access.


Unfortunately non-citizens are not allowed to take books home in he main libraries of Saint Petersburg. So you can use only reading halls. To register there for one time visit you need only a passport. If you want to make regular visits a photo and not more than 7 roubles are required. The biggest libraries are:
  • National Library (student department): Fontanka embankment,36; tel.:272-39-02
  • Central Public Library:
    Russian language literature department - Fontanka embankment, 44; tel.:112-51-03;
    foreign language literature department - Fontanka embankment, 46; tel: 3110004
You can also use libraries organised by different foreign educational centres & institutes. In those libraries you will be able to read book in English, German or other languages.
  • German literature: Goethe-Insititut Library (address: Fontanka embankment, 46; tel.: 3112100).
In this library you need to take your passport and pay some money (about 25-50 roubles) for the registration if you want to take book home, to read books in the library just take you passport with you.


The most popular Russian radio-stations are:
  • Eldoradio (Saint Petersburg) - 101.4 FM
  • Maximum (Saint Petersburg) - 102.8 FM
  • Modern - 104.0 FM
  • Baltika 104.8
  • Europe Plus (Saint Petersburg) 100.5
  • Nostalgie (Saint- Petersburg) 105.3
Still if you prefer BBC, Deutsche Welle or French radio-station they are also available at FM or AM waves.
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    "... Smiley Faces
My first impressions were regarding smiles. In public Russians don't deem to smile too much. Definitely far below the average for Canadians, and no comparison to my silly grin, which seems to follow me around like a shadow.
At first this was just a casual observation, to be logged with the massive lists of observations my brain was creating in trying to understand Russia. After a few days this lack of 'happiness' seemed to wear on me I began actively surveying my surroundings for that ever-elusive smile. Of course my initial conclusions were false. Russians actually smile a great deal, and even more so after a few shots of vodka. Generally, it was in public that these Russians refrained from smiling. With friends they were just like people everywhere, usually happy, and very outgoing. One late night over a glass of vodka I brought this up with Grigori, a student from St. Petersburg. It seems that many people view 'excessive' smiling as an indication of deceitfulness, or idiocy - the 'smiling fool' adage. In retrospect, I believe there must be many Russians who feel that myself, along with the rest of the foreigners I traveled with to be somewhat dumb:?"