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Medicine/ Healthcare

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Please check with medical insurance company which clinics accept your insurance, or in which case you can reclaim the money after using their services. To find out which option suits you best in terms of cost, opening hours, location and emergency care.
The number of new pharmacies offering medicines and healthcare products with familiar to you names is growing, and supply is improving as the large pharmaceutical compa-nies enter the Russian market.
There are also some general health precautions which you might consider taking:
  • The water can cause health problems for those who are unused to it. You can avoid this by filtering your water and by boiling your drinking water. Bottled water for drinking is becoming more plentiful in the bigger cities.
  • Always wash fruit and vegetables before you eat them.
  • Look 'used before' when you buy food
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Stephan Tolboom, The Netherlands:

I don't know how well you are informed of life in Russia, but it's probably not as bad as you thought, Russia tends to get mainly negative press coverage in the west. There is absolutely no problem trying to buy things in the shops, of course some western products are quite expensive since they need to be imported.